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Anthony Eve is a composer and producer hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He released his last EP 'Shades of Green' in 2021 and has three new pieces recorded with the Budapest Art Orchestra set to be published. His compositions are a blend of contemporary orchestral arrangements and traditional folk, infused with electronic manipulation and modern production techniques.


In 2022 Anthony wrote the score to the OSCAR, BAFTA and IFTA winning film "An Irish Goodbye" as a second collaboration with Floodlight pictures. His minimalist score sought to emphasise and contrast the tragedy of the protagonists predicament against the warmth of the brothers’ relationship. It gives a voice to the harsh backdrop in which the film is set and is comprised of traditional Irish folk instrumentation, interweaved with subtle string orchestration and analog synthesis.

Additionally, he currently composes the score for the BBC series, "Hope Street”. The show is broadcasted internationally with the score proving to be popular amongst fans. The music is inspired by the vast musical landscape and rich cultural heritage of Northern Ireland. He co-composes the score with Justine Barker, with whom he also re-arranged the Holby City theme for the show's grand finale.  


Anthony's scores complement their pictures narratives, help to capture the heart and landscapes of each project and consistently resonate with an international audience.


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